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Frequently Asked Questions

Tryouts, teams and expectations

For parents and players planning to play lacrosse for Eagan High School, here are answers to commonly asked questions from Head Coach Bob Felter.

How many players are placed on each team?

Our Team sizes can vary from year to year, but typical team sizes are:

  • Varsity (24-28)

  • Junior Varsity (22-27)

  • 9/10 Team (24-30)

What can players expect at tryouts?

Tryouts start when lacrosse season starts, typically at the end of March or first week of April.

Our tryout process is three days; teams are formed after the last day of tryouts. During tryouts, we run drills to see stick skills and we also run conditioning drills to see who is in lacrosse shape. The third day we scrimmage to see the combination of skills, conditioning, and team play.

In addition to the hours the boys are evaluated at the high school tryouts, members of the high school coaching staff may also watch players during the summer season. At these games, coaches are not making decisions for the spring season, but it is good to watch players against other competition other than just the boys trying out for the high school team. Not every boy trying out for the high school team may be watched during the summer.

Many players who try out for the high school team may also play on any number of select teams during the summer. Eagan may also run summer traveling teams. Participation in these teams is not required nor do they play a part in the tryout process.

We have any number of fall/winter teams that kids can play on. As stated above, none of these are required to make a team here at EHS.

Varsity: The varsity team is made up of players from grades 9-12, 8th-graders can try out but need recommendations from their youth coaches and the approval of the head varsity coach.

Junior Varsity: The junior varsity team is made up of players from grades 9-11. The junior varsity team does not carry seniors on the team.

9/10: Team is made up of 9th- and 10th-grade players The 9/10 team is not recognized by the state high school league BUT is still part of our lacrosse family. This team is run by our booster club.

In any given year, the coaching staff can decide to place a player at any level regardless of grade to give the best experience for a specific player.

Does the program cut players?

Some years, the high school boys lacrosse program is forced to cut players when the tryout numbers exceed our maximum roster sizes. It’s difficult to cut players and we aim to include as many as we can, but it’s not always possible. The variation in number of players on each team is determined by number of players trying out and where the coaches see the cut-off for each team being. Teams are formed on the combination of talent and by position. (MSHSL rules require the varsity roster to be limited to 24 players once playoffs start.)

In years where we do not need to make cuts, the varsity team will be selected from all four grades. The subsequent teams will be selected somewhat based on the number of players in each grade level. In these years, seniors who do not make the varsity team will be allowed to play on the junior varsity team.

What if someone misses tryouts for injury or another reason?

Boys Lacrosse policy for players who are unable to attend tryouts or are injured and cannot tryout:

  • Players who are unable to attend tryouts must contact Bob Felter, head boys lacrosse coach, at or 612-414-4185. Players must explain the reason for missing the tryouts. Players with an excused reason for missing tryouts will be given a tryout upon their return. Players with an unexcused reason will be asked to tryout again next year. It is very difficult to leave a spot open for a player who may come out after returning.

  • Players who are injured and unable to tryout must also contact Coach Felter and explain the injury and the extent to which it will impact the season. For example, is it an injury that may be all season or is it an ankle sprain that will take a few days?

  • Players who are trying out after being out with an injury will be asked to be 100% before trying out. Players who miss tryouts because of injury or illness may be placed on a team immediately without a tryout based on prior knowledge of the player.

Excused reasons for missing tryouts:

  • Player is injured and has a doctor’s note explaining the injury and how long they cannot participate.

  • Player is injured or out of town due to a family situation and only misses one or two sessions; they will still have the opportunity to be seen by the coaches.

  • Player is sick and has a doctor’s note explaining their illness. If a player misses one or two sessions with an illness, they will still have the opportunity to be seen by the coaches.

  • Family emergency – Short explanation is needed

Unexcused reasons for missing tryouts:

  • Family vacation. Dates for tryouts will be on the

  • Player forgot to try out

  • Player had to miss tryouts for work

All other reasons will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The Eagan High School boys coaching staff will decide this.

What if my son does not make a team after tryouts?

In the case that a player does not make a team, the Activity Fee is refunded by the high school.

What are the expectations for practices?

Practice is every day, Monday through Friday. Some Saturdays. Practice is generally from 3-5 PM daily. Players are expected to be there every day.

What if I go on vacation during the season?

If you go on vacation during the season, playing time will be reduced when you return. All vacations should be done outside of the lacrosse season.

What if I am sick and miss a day of school?

If you are sick and absent from school, you should call or email the coach of your team and let them know you will not be at practice or the game. To play in a game, you must be in school four hours for that day.

How many games are there in a season?

The Minnesota State High School League limits games to 13 in a season, which includes JV and Varsity teams. We try to do the same with the 9/10 team and we all follow the same schedule. The only exception being teams that don’t have a 9/10 team, then we will do our best to schedule another team in that time slot.

How do I register for high school lacrosse?

Registration for high school lacrosse is handled by the Eagan High School website ( Every player must be registered and have all paperwork into the athletic office prior to tryouts. If a person does not have everything into the office, they will not be able to try out.

What if my child is injured during the season?

For all injuries during the high school season, the player must go to the high school trainer and have them diagnose the injury. If they recommend seeing a doctor then the player should do so. If a doctor is seen, the player must receive clearance from the doctor to return to play. If the situation is an emergency, see the doctor immediately if the trainer is not available.

What is the playing time policy for the high school program?

There is no set playing time rule for the high school lacrosse program. Playing time is the coach’s decision. Playing time is not a topic the coach will discuss with parents. If a player feels they should be playing more, the player should discuss what they could do to receive more playing time.

What is the process to contact the coach to discuss an issue?

First, never approach a coach after the completion of a game to discuss an issue. Also, do not show up at the practice fields to discuss an issue.

The first step is to have the player contact the coach and discuss what may be going on. If there is no resolution, the parent should contact the coach and set up a meeting. If still no resolution is reached, the parent should contact the Varsity Coach and set up a meeting to discuss the issue with the player, parent and coach. If no resolution is reached at this point, please contact the Athletic Director to set up a meeting with all parties involved. Again, playing time is not a topic that coaches will discuss with parents.

Where do I find information about the high school lacrosse program?


  • General information about EHS boys lacrosse, including schedules, rosters and Booster Club. This is the primary resource for booster club and player communication. Please visit the site and become a member.

  • Minnesota State High School League boys lacrosse information.